About kepul

An application that seeks to optimize the sale and purchase of waste that can be recycled. This application is used by people who want to sell trash, and also used by collectors. The collectors are those who make a living by buying garbage from the community, then the waste is sold back to large collectors, or garbage recycling plants. Only in kepul app, community can sells more than 30 types of organic and non-organic waste.


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Kepul app now avalaible on Google Play, just download and sell your garbage now just with your phone.


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Waste Price

Name Price
Battery Rp. 7.000 /Kg
Alumunium Rp. 10.000 /Kg
Alumunium Cans Rp. 10.000 /Kg
Alumunium Pot Rp. 10.000 /Kg
Atom Black Rp. 1.500 /Kg
Plastic Bottle Rp. 1.500 /Kg
CPU Rp. 35.000 /Unit
Monitor Rp. 10.000 /Unit
Plastic Glass Rp. 1.500 /Kg
Name Price
Old Iron Rp. 2.000 /Kg
Cans Rp. 500 /Kg
Cardboard Rp. 1200 /Kg
Paper Rp. 1200 /Kg
Brass Rp. 25.000 /Kg
Computer Monitor Rp. 25.000 /Unit
Used Cooking Oil Rp. 6.000 /Kg
LCD Monitor Rp. 15.000 /Unit
Mixed Clear Plastic Rp. 1.500 /Kg
Name Price
Plastic Rp. 1.000 /Kg
Burlap 30 Kg Rp. 300 /Item
Burlap 50 Kg Rp. 500 /Item
Pralon Rp. 1.000 /Kg
Zinc Rp. 500 /Kg
Copper Rp. 50.000 /Kg
Computer Rp. 45.000 /Unit
HP Rp. 2.000 /Unit
Laptop Rp. 10.000 /Unit

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